Friday, January 02, 2009

read nothing day

globy, is a bell a spoon, are you now
or have you ever been, you can’t deny
the power of, this way to paradise,
dancer belly, ptld, om ho, the angle a
twitch, not the sort of text you can
really read, crease courtesy of
canada post, elusmod, pataphysics
with one or two apostrophes, when is
data not data, organic data, signal
virus, code no code, bp pru, blank
bellevue, don’t try to read it,
read nothing day, doctor german
zinc, if you fold the envelope down,
lost all copies and originals, a
faint ton, it’s good having bread,
this could be your ad, cease
cupping, hey don’t wreck my art,
hours that went by, milking your
fan base, short orange skirt, the
itching hat, orange powder, zendo,
sertao, close the end of history,
quorum, dissolving the trust,
i’m between identities, haiga,
tongues of ecstasy, little clusters
of cherry tomatoes, a randomizer,
canned hits from the eighties,
orange the perfect, remorsing,
the hunger stirred, henotheism,
google schmoogle, abaca,
chrachers, star sixty-nine,
everything you need to know
everything, ontological
reassurance, panelology, a
devotional writer, the language
trap, no grunting, a swell head,
gens, preventive police, active

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