Tuesday, January 06, 2009

exchange nothing mouth to mouth

in a rush? a hundred thousand
copies overnight, orange police tape,
we have plans for this one, doc oct,
fruly profound, mixed intel,
primary minimum, recon work,
simple luck, evicted from the
plane, the nothing graph, exchange
nothing mouth to mouth, toner
devolution, would you put in a
good word for me, why would you
want to bother these people,
toner night, the blank is drifting
in, try a fold, decide on a fold,
watch the blue, blue absorbtion,
did i have something to say, likely
copy, file your life under,
designated go-ahead, exchanging
abysses, enuf here, this anything,
let break, flat organisms, one
present, luck leper, a here, the
work drugs, recognizance
burlesque, primary head, min
head, mix everything, entelechy
tide, pass profound, früli
theory, too attacked, put nothing,
designated free, pitch perfection,
canada ebb homeless, microcredit,
my mosquito bites have erupted,
saint ents, repeatedly into the
abyss, the nail-clippers of the
dead, biblioburro, panmunjom,
plenty coups, write yourself
insane, six six one, not completed,
three three one, you will never be
free, endless caligraphy, mossy
den or ferny cavern, saint
organic, deserved existentially,

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