Tuesday, January 06, 2009

reduced to eleven point type to print

hand holding hand, non-professional
resume, elaborate on these activities,
acco fifty, how to tell the diff
between reality and not, nobody
left to right, whatever will we
do with all this writing, rainbow
camera, forget nothing, consumer
rush, one-oh-six city, tops form
three three one four, the making is
one thing, embellishment war,
has the potential to be filled,
ell stands for love, is this to go
or to stay, why would you want
to look at that ugly, do not go into
that room, what’s with the dots,
this is called your own, before
we get confused, alot snap, one-
oh-six orange, consumer concrete,
in an existential rush, notpresent,
forget being, disorders of the
sign, camera name, special art,
rainbow doing, neuromuscular
sonoran, bored now, beargrass in,
copy to be let, it’s just lousy ink,
starling murmurations, magic
gasoline, every existing scrap of
paper, trademark leaking roofs,
a sexual hothouse, toxic teeth,
concrete cantilever, how embracing
chance can heal, a champigneulles
beer cap, dynamic labyrinth, taboo
catalogues, to untrick the eye,
in fair hand, glou glou glou,
croquer, nine million eggs,
concretology, a glue poet,
collector of crumbs, juk,
cocoagraph, the silent hammer,

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