Thursday, January 08, 2009

reveal nothing to me

e dot v dot, now you know who wrote
it, atomic fractals, the shape of your
hat, see it on a grand scale, dream-
face, all things egyptian, slfre,
none sun, fair isle, what does resolution
mean to you, is this you here,
plinitude, the book of the night
sky, not in your backyard, infinity
halo, reveal nothing to me, slb, were
they coming back, opuntia and
halibut, fan vidding, we don’t
watch movies anymore, you still
have the book, you will manufacture
miniature devices, it’s rigged, the
deuce of spades, thirty percent
off oranges, afloat on who’s
ocean, water intoxication,
hyponatremia, renewal denied,
stupidly left open, one is between
realities, can’t shut out irrelevant
info, sold five million harmonicas
by mail order, exits hotel for
cool, teenies, in situ registration,
the so-called thomas process,
trance ship, a chiff-chaff,
unblended mix of orange and
green, mouth stopped with moss,
arcanists, orange flecks, what is
swamping exactly, anglo realist,
fiction-theory, transgeoethno-
poetics, salted paper print,
empathetic bridge, autonomous
preference, black diamonds,
defense against insult,

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