Saturday, January 03, 2009

dotless i

show us the ink, zoo bye, place
product here, yellow card, trance
redemption, electronic hiring hall
for canadian, john zorn den, recal,
hometegima, recreant!, he has
got your name in his hat, saint
michael’s oranges, trance zen
dent, adjuration, the poetry-tribute,
guilty of everything, appear in
person, do you recognize the head,
maple thorn, if you miss one single
payment, ı, to ensure you have
continued access to credit, get
rid of your identity, how do you
get the cash, stealing ten years,
i did it for the money, catalogued
the hardcover edition, concrete
sleepers, chocolate pain, vain
grandeurs, do-it-yourself
politics, mini-ficelles, glia,
axon, longyis, stupas, action
potentials, calcium imaging,
terminal schwann cells,
oligodendrocyte, enter into the
field, notions of responsibility
and duty, transnationalism,
paranational, unix to unix copy,
poetry coursepacks, anti-artsism,
the great thoughts of humanity
can be entered on the back of
a postage stamp, we already
tyed, today’s the day we
leave, blank format,

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