Sunday, January 11, 2009

nothing is on sale

carnivorous garden, disturb the
peace of marriage, blank sack,
belge water, invest in cards, what’s
the matter art, cast a blank eye,
get the word out by way, ©o-opt
produ©t, schizo-spoonerist, fecal
tickle, dysraphic haecceity,
white easter, ham chat, the r is
floating free, no hiel, run your
fingers over the text, new
midnight, a detailed list of your
papers, lush money, keep bleeding,
all perils, mass evacuation, full
depreciation has been reached,
aluminati, a case of mistaken
identity involving a gun, nothing
is on sale, recreate reality from
memory, happiness is a bad habit,
layspeak, scooch over, pdq pellets,
you check for mail and find
nothing, pill-box-hatted, alterity
fied, pro aggression, tea and
oranges, blank cannons, a shining
hat, a continual choke,
whytorseller, a jeweler’s loupe,
bowel-fed, interplan, anti-p-k,
a vast cluster, a gigantic orange,
arsine gas, a para-psychological
bias, get your hat and go buddy,
dorsal root ganglion, taxiests,
photomultiplier, pseudocolor,
perspectivized drop shades,
hand’s knowledge, therblig-
style, ein arzt?,

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