Thursday, January 01, 2009

a special needs poet

orange written in blue ink, could be
mistaken for art, there are no toys at,
n void disparition, now we have every-
thing we need, back on thursday,
cold pitch, a special needs poet,
taught to trance, the idf, the orange
dripping, white mosquitoes, back on
the unit, reality-to-be, a fun way to
die, words of nothing, the books are
endless, bottom nature, theradrama,
visual concrete, poetic crack,
the condition of entity, composition
of an historical or epic, smile and
dial, iconophobia, policing of media,
is it fascism yet?, sigils,
topographic space, concrete utopia,
the world cop, library create, no
christ, how can you say no to money,
thot you said twelve, ex marks your
spot, is that a thing to be doing,
if you start putting things like
that on your resume, try to make
contact with the outside world,
get in get out, started with a
typewriter, a fat new wad of, you
like leaving protective membranes
intact, post consommation, here’s
some paper that needs filling,
wait a minute these files are
not supposed to be digital, to
reverse or not reverse, the birthday
i couldn’t contact you, no four oh,
eat a big meal, everything
always deteriorates, beyond
recognition, the birthday we
were all together,

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