Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the artist is a sitting duck

one is falling to smash thru,
poemer, explaining how cool
cotillion, a silly key hole,
let’s stick together until the
beyond the bitter end, uagust,
average effort, huge package
no content, busy being razed,
leverage to crack, the artist is
a sitting duck, blank riches,
two difference, beautiful
things kill, aughast, the books
we have resided in, that thing
we thot we knew, there are more
books we need to destroy, how
do you identify yourself now,
where do you reside in the
textual universe, heading off
towards a new identity, read
such books, feel free to high,
no more sweet song, what would
buddha do, shape of the kajah
devil, psychotic chanting,
yes there is a place where they
have all the books, torn
apart for a good reason,
stapled together for posterity,
thinking outside the prison,

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