Monday, January 12, 2009

427 hemi

this shit will kill you, jville hot
italian, the actual cost, reading you
or reading about you, we have the
book to hand, a good book koob
doog a, not a dragon but a pronghorn,
my greatest enemy is my mouth,
wood shipper, edmonchuk’s tarmac,
homieism, a copy of the popular
book, the golden blue, herms,
heritaginous, jupe, frontlet,
cell in a monastery, a baby farm,
the affectionate parasite,
ch-nothing, the great torture of
the law, hat peg, a psychic outlaw,
between the hand and the page,
establishment and habituated
to a communal, a high energy
construct again, skin books,
fasten you to a block of concrete,
i was released on bail but would
have to return for my execution
in thirty days, hoplite, careers
experiences habits, crystalline
heights of elitism, blinding grey,
skull-time, skull lightning,

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