Tuesday, January 13, 2009

nothingness exalted

an indication of the thing itself,
beaucoup de consommateurs, the
way people are looking these days,
bol, we need to bring this back up,
attilem, zoed, lack of love, a
post-christian society, death drive,
nothingness exalted, bakeshop
ontology, seraphic poultry,
universal nomad encampment,
prisoner counsellor, minyan,
causal loops, remote control
skidoo, glossy blank, on the edge
of the cluster, eusol, redding
up, the yeasting excitement,
pulling rabbits from a hat,
heartless exaggeration caught,
a land-girl, a school crocodile,
vacolitres, the drugstore’s ruby
jar, orange splash, bathroom
whistlers, garbashars, catch
some girl hat, conception of
honor and execute, para, a short
man complex, mashed-upness,
politricks, plantocracy, ruinscape,
a philosophy of hedonism, greed
and zen, cattitude, shack wacky,
food on books, climate porn,
the humble penny, hoof bunny,
moof, sententiae, eff holes came,
mekhanik tarasov, the hexi
corridor, greenwashing,
green latrines, climate chaos,
floating shift, voir dire,
do you really think you can,

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