Sunday, January 18, 2009

glass quagmire

violent woman, you hurt yourself
when you attacked me, monsters
heading your way, don’t be confused
by the art, dear radar, what does
abstract art mean, on and off the
flow, nonenone, glass quagmire,
i’ll paddle your canee, flux
love, no one disses the tyrant,
a year ago we were in love,
wipe that time off your hands,
art time is crime time, sixteen
million bricks, must crank out
texts, true love baby, let’s go
into that little pub, stop dealing
with texts, let’s go out and play
in the snow, i am doing this to
you, go to zail, so sick you can’t
go to work ever, simin, copying
is not enough, working on sun,
still with the gold, understand
the breast, useless copy, bunny
cluster, nothing seems to stop
the pennies piling up, not to be
confused with the hand of
fate, i think we can work around
the impass, kill all culture,
ray ban, spell the world out in

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