Friday, January 09, 2009

scribal eyeskip

and the meat goes on, might not be
visible on the copy, e-torn ell,
file trance protocol, drw oo four,
incarcerated fool, mock hyper,
further tonerization, buru, draw
something real, this line means
nothing, designated lamb, nodded
yet, canadian pen, make digital,
political hand, goofy self,
unadulterated copy, drw zero zero,
here different, incarcerated out,
pump ed, upside-down scissors, is
us, mock copy, hyperconceivable, to:
machine, a chunk of outer reality,
no way to tell the copy from the
original, not present on the original,
sacrifice a copy, coffee klatch
company, original colour gone,
political me, hand hammer, make
resume, digital sexual, put
nothing, canadian cigar, now this
falls out the window, blank is
for filling, one copy is enuf, one
original is enuf, what does reality
want from us, turn the sea into
el, loss of marks off the edge,
gathering the lost marks, round
number rolls, cupping blisters,
drop the meat, potato plus potato
masher equals potatoes, gopher
zydeco saloon dixie, reverse onus,
canadian public intellectuals,
inflammatory leaflets, qi,
quantum strangeness, ofrenda,
the many-worlds interpretation,
tzedakah, waterboarding, chads,
the aztlán, la raza, the bandung

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