Friday, January 09, 2009

it's zen time!

orange resonance, volunteer computer
programming, interpret this text so
far, would you rather three today or
eight tomorrow, indicia, not a very
smart move, twenty-five dollar scrap
of paper, can do web, can do nothing,
the writingest person on the planet,
peace cluster, no more sloggin’, the
main engines of housekeeping, smash
the hat, it’s zen time!, concrete ear,
midkingdom, call-and-response poetics,
esoteric a hoodlum caught, mumbling
trance, candomblé, a dob kit,
suburban anarchy, it’s meat day!,
meat wallah, tos, unfocused
awareness, benign ignorance, too
smart to work, high hats at reduction,
a cloudland artist, degustation,
virtuoso paint handling, curse the
alphabet, the typographic jungle,
word-landscape, anomie, morris
column, hand-moulds, conveyancer,
dare to know, the point of crisis,
banlieu, the whatever enemy, an
omni-crisis, even historians
continually, a great idiot, connect
your adapter to your, ten percent
off the top of your head, glitterature,
mede pot, masters of stasis, what
lives in that dark delta, your
situation is not being understood,
body position, van hat yen, penance
paper, no six oh six, if i’m the guest
then you must be the host, months
of suffering, why are you making
it so ugly, what about me? me is
dead, maybe better write a letter,
rounds the bend to find...

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