Friday, January 02, 2009


dee cee nine, what does the number
eight eight eight remind you of, it’s
the paper not the words, marching
forward to obliteration, funny
amen, only worked one day in your
whole life, what thou, maybe
they don’t get the joke, eliminate
writing, test toner, e d m numb
eight, a mix of good and evil,
paper with metal attached,
nothing is ever really void, copy
in the second degree, eliminate
parasomnias, writing here, tilt
off the page, amen funny, where
is that sign coming from, what
reality, fuck supermodels,
thou shalt not access, hieratic
infesticons, time here, final
interruption, top hats and
flappers, the iconic frock, the
pomo pop snap-and-crack genre of
poetry, osteo-poetics, word ploy,
meta-nothingness, laneway art,
infracts, pilatneomy, typogra
-phy, truthiness, black dog on
piano, holiday blues, planets
cluster, self-out-of-self, comped,
optical bliss, satya, ice glasses,
two hand-illuminated copies,
emotional alienation wakaw,
a resting image, moil for books,
human editorial consultants,
bold use of concrete, kenuzy
scream, the pursuit of nada,

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