Sunday, January 04, 2009


cado, language specific pun,
yellow paper crown, don’t want
to know what you didn’t win,
some people have zero luck, fob,
you can feel the money in it,
high-needs, the loading up and
the emptying down, the gift
apparatus, today’s phrase, a
rubberstamp that says five
dollars, nine forty-four, why
do they get to believe in
themselves, kinder-hat, esing,
copies of french, church cheese,
gumflower, sexual thickness,
tossed moss off, fuselied,
storming in blank, suttee,
fleckless, the seven delights,
blank remote, concrete and dirt,
cheap-grade steer refuse, a
cluster of red, blank fields,
infected hairy-cell leukemia
tissue, routinely copied and
distributed, element of
hypocrisy in the court’s,
information commons, commodity
theory, consumption theory,
the commodity situation,
plauged, pseudoxanthoma
elasticum, extended mind,
commodity exchange hinder,
emotion to human cognition,
embodiment characteristic
of the history, the mindbody,

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