Thursday, January 08, 2009

there's really nothing left here

the day’s bleeding away, capital
wolf, aren’t destroyed, hello concealing,
rabble art, eight eighty-eight trance,
information difficulties, the point
of illegibility, info slip, chrome
equals black, gone meat, judge today,
pendant centric, there’s really
nothing left here, the whole thing
is slipping up and to the right, old
drunk, amazed the most famous
unsung language heart, you can
see right thru to the toner wall,
the zebra photocopies well, shirt
watch, make a record of the text,
always do a test pressing, turn
the gray into black, the light
bounces alright but, meat band,
going collapse, judge you, it’s reality
day, euro-parabolas, how much
deterioration can we face, echt,
this represents a day, string of
numb, when you get to zero, you are
lower yet, crazy cream, isandlewana
no e, theocons, paper engineering,
on a presentation plate, minger,
social neuroscience, a sleep doula,
emotional intelligence, the
telling detail, foofaraw, tiny
facial expressions, technocreep,
subliminal reading, dyssemia,
squirmers in bogs, beeswing,
polemonium confertum eximium,
neural duet, foxcore, magnet tar
pit trap, hidden biological
dance, chemic beauty, overlearn,
cremains, who do you want to
pick your poetry for you,

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Barb Richards said...

Hi Ross, I need your current address in order to order a sample issue of Ten copies. Please