Saturday, January 03, 2009

a utility fog

why would you want to put a tax
on sex, smell the reality, you want
me to write here, one by the one one
by the other, a reproduction of a
milk carton, sendee, time trance
for space, those within the e, sheol,
eight oh eight state, dull-orange
nightskies, rearrange reality,
fractalled, white desire a cluster,
throws pennies at the bald man,
the ufo redemption group, the
hassidim, hello cruel world!,
hurry up sun, pressgang, the crown’s
position, not in your best interest,
transcendental paralogism, the
cybernetic immortality of the
soul, presentation eye, the rapture
for nerds, philosophy made concrete,
ideate, art as idea as idea, shicker,
spifflicated, bingo mort, kurzweil
organ, a period of madness and
near catastrophe, collective
entity, mind virus, killer meme,
foglets, nanobots, a utitity fog,
a fog person, hard computing
entrepreneurs, evolutionary
algorithms, wetware, designer
neurochemicals, amino-linkers
and chromo-cookers, allatonceness,
hit the hyperspace button, a space
of flows, a timeless time,
derivatives in the financial
sense, hyperembodiment, the
culture of real virtuality,

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