Thursday, January 01, 2009

caressing nothing

eye eye amp sand, a little light
to block the light, we paid to have
this work done but it never got
done, house car etcetera, our
reality principle, digital
possessions, necessarty, login
do, caressing nothing, cinnamon
four-thirty, the falling must
come to an end, grnd, menstrual
strawberries, oranges and
lemonade, hermosura viril,
monking whit, to pee from her
sweet crack, the blank pages of
the unwritten volume of the new,
gas yourself, bleed yourself,
a fat load of gas, return on
the bungee, please govern yourself
accordingly, the begin of the
misery, hurry up and expire,
computers and humans each,
enaction, embodied and concrete,
voxels, autopedagogical,
autonomous agent software,
workarounds, the brightness
confound, communications from
an extraterrestrial intelligence,
stardust gathers in our lungs,
reality engines, cranial
landscape, a rendering engine,
thermochromic paint, events
that have changed the course
of history, silicon collaborators,

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