Saturday, January 10, 2009

gearing up for the head-on collision

the distance between us, it’s not like
money in the bank, non-voluntary
move, it only takes one mistake
to destroy a, never knew the
fifties, bringing the world to
your eye, being behind bars,
lectures on nothing, the word
conveyor belt, are you getting
plenty of mail, dadatrash,
ommik, nothing is too hot, knowledge
you will never know, addressi,
this became part of the good old
days, psychological contagion,
voodoo chapeau daze, we really
did expire, enjoy orange, blank
check, what do you do for a
living, toner blood, only visible
in reality, clemency, govern
blank, hand to hand or
computer to computer, dig
until you find rubbergold,
john sausage map, anagogic
means, fragment of happiness,
while you were being roasted,
dish god, here we go again, pay
to change, fell out of the zone,
a happy tic or a sad one, gearing
up for the head-on collision,
we thot the days would go on
indefinitely, an act of violence,
a little violence goes a long
way, the residue of the happy
days, might as well forget,

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