Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a passing reality

lax but not leaks, independently
owned and operated franchise,
take the fold out of it, take the
context out of it, this is gone, this
is still hanging in, this is not
drunkwork, uske zwerg, pop-lickers,
capucine confidential, bright
and salty, measure the length
of the paper and see, seven brighter,
salty look, capucine breathe, arousing
confidential, perror survey, eye-
lickers, uske plas, why zwerg, a
hundred lines, eye lurf psyche,
you mosquito, start drunk, this
on, why peru, copy these ruptures,
blank is for happy, ginger itself,
any detailing package, king of
spades, i ship you the keys, you
don’t know the meaning of hot
water, cooper hewitt exhibit,
cammers, an bhfuil gaeilge agat,
wadi, herringbone bulwarks,
allows native mosses, blue
tilapia, freegans, corporate
leftovers, opportunivores, urban
foragers, food rescuers, palm
defenders, skip lickers, micro air
vehicles, rafflesiaceae, tea
yoga, rasa, elliptical machine,
cherry panties one dollar,
shaft shifters, numen, nothink,
levitesse, a passing reality,
rookery, the ink which, squib,

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