Saturday, January 17, 2009

tnr limacine

gsg, the jack of hearts and the seven
of clubs, keeping your appointments,
what were those to you, multi-channel
what, twenty-four cents worth of
garlic, those two questions again,
palaeosols, event bed, catastrophe
theory, bioturbation, stromatolites,
impact theory, flood vulcanism,
fullerenes, bolide, euxina, yird,
teosinte, brinjals, flashbulb
memory, vulvee, limacine, flying
straw hat, inkadu, concreted
tides, the larvae of the rhinoceros
beetle, dahs, chi pao, concrete
viaducts, the parable of the lost
penny, execution the cup of hemlock,
calèche, palátch, existence…
harmonious chain, philosopho-
pornographic manuscripts, from
here to four, matrixerox, no need
to specify, siberian light horse,
noam it was, out on the green, my
id, post around, that will go
first, none of these phrases
signify, the lord said, midsummer

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