Sunday, January 04, 2009

distributed cognition

your double is coming to replace
you, you can write with your
fingernail, blip up, blop down,
actual weight, stoned knowledge,
agonía the counter-coin-side,
bigtentism, the product is
thoroughly pizzled, strewn
concrete, how will this all look
in twenty years, siliconing
the text, health and education
cash, logic gates, delight of a
snail, components essential to
human, fluidiom, distributed
cognition, the windowed
organization of knowledge,
hypermediation, actionism, the
accidental spectator from the
street, thread-words, breaking
into reality, a reality bleed,
illocutionary act, in loqui,
what does its nonstructure
look like, culminate in the
hypermediated extensions, a
change of status, hysterical
ecstasy connection, that repre,
scrim-stretched, ungrounded
doubling, the written writing
process, clausulae, expressis
verbis, searching for
something to write on, hotels
entertainment cash, scads or
skads of blank, all atone,

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