Friday, January 16, 2009

nothing special made it break

now we are thrown, the way the glue
pulls, did we see the end coming,
why not just let the texts rest, off
off off, what were you doing when
you were sleeping, this is a knife
in my heart, fooling around inside
your head, the presence of one, we
were there now we are here, doing
something that involves no screen,
face the ugly reality, copy for use,
one of those ells must be a tee,
have you no telecommunication
device, just read the first phrase,
the floating penny, poetry is not
crack, who has time to do all this
writing, how many times over the
same texts, all of these texts
could explode, add love and pass
on, actual colour or words
representing colour, a lonely
party, still make a contribution,
a little electronic response, as
if one was doing nothing, send
your whole self, a girl riding
an innertube, ride all the way
over there twice, business mixed
with pleasure, thinking about
the situation thru paper, art
yourself to death, if this is
the one then where is the other,
really finding the breaking
point, massive debt to society,
nothing special made it break,

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