Wednesday, January 07, 2009

register nothing

consumer frustration, mickey
mouse in his pointed hat,
crumpled poetry, one is being
railroaded, you are not being
detained, one-oh-sixing, take
the paper plunge, at number one-
oh-six dot, representing the
unrepresentable, a clandestine
collective, willing to act for you,
moss and dolphins, corruptive
agency, self-represent, housewife
geometer, abstract poetics
research, polytopes, coxeter’s
hocus-pocus equations, circles
touching circles, concrete
geometric constructions,
permanent domicile, no haven,
resume poetry, poetry resume,
register nothing, a science of
the police, right of intervention,
the terrain of crisis, hat is black,
mantah hat, point-blank attention
to the moment, some like it hat,
the great stone face, multiplication
of transformable art, multiply
art, personal handwriting,
reproduction versus multiplication,
a paster of found situations,
mamaliga, momify, poipoi,
a topolo, pogonotomy, laque-
dynamorphose, mecanohedron,
the society of control, dispositifs,
biopolitical technologies,
maximum plurality, biopower

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