Sunday, May 25, 2014


this was either done by a little
kid or a geographer, trust
drones market access,
elsewherenesses, transbeman,
free-range kids, meat is mudra,
bullcorns, national art hate
week, offers armpit, johnny
tostitos, ccbmc cluster,
good old norm racine, we
are being managed, you have
not changed a lick, making
the beast with one back,
euboeleus, mickey fou, that
other form of madness, an
archaeology of silence, the
happy world, but so what?
they are madmen, the great
containment, balaneion,
at sunnyside, quadrantids,
mamzerim, katsu, fukien
tea triangles, criminal-as-
poet, the unbreachable gap
of acid, diggers, anarchist-
philanthropist, ringolevio,
paw head peskies, six! six up!
, meat flower, outside the
hat, gronad, your bald
head perfect for hats,
pennysaver flyers,
poverty lawyer, now is the
perfect moment, fete,

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