Saturday, May 10, 2014

"savanarola savak"

mutasis, knit graffiti, one penny
at a time, penny empire,
cluster had it coming, curate
your brand, pink anarchy,
hyperoptics, cremains, think
here: you are reading a poem –
already this defines you, an
endurance artist, penisaurus,
bernardinism, russian criminal
tattoos, you might be able to
call over some decent,
champfleuy vaudreu, they
have the ink out of reach,
eight and a half by eleven
cluster, carina nebula,
folding histories together,
savanarola savak, hammond’s
folly, we prefer to read
eight and a half by eleven
texts, i’m glad the printer
is fucking up, remain in
blank, just pick the best
phrase and delete the rest,
freeze cell, no ideas but in
drugs, out of print: out of
mind, cyclamor, asus,
there’s a big fidderence,
who’s the writingist man
on the planet, bull and

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