Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"paleotherium femurs"

curating your brand, evet,
timespending, a swirly, might
be forced to take a job someday,
whizpiz, a pisshead, a jest for
life, one prefers conversation to
sex, not making a submission:
just getting rid of a pile of
paper, mangina, just committed
to a forty year project, you
are making savings by not
buying, cinnamon cluster,
izakaya, riding the financial
thermals, kanna, globefish,
répétition, mythos, virtual
power, homo ludens, ocean
snow, paleotherium femurs,
every book by dana gioia,
honey blister, sprinks,
hyperopic, clandestine tapes,
the boat people, cyber-
collective, a fun listserve
e-mail but, awopbopaloobop-
awopbamboom, are you finding
much meaning here, left
a skull and a beaver dam
behind, honey work, reserve
face, duplicate work,
i stole this line, i stole
this word, do you know why
one writes? to be loved,
do we need a true sex?,

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