Sunday, May 04, 2014


you’ve done the magic transformation,
a small big inning, don’t tell me
how to blog, yer fucking kidding
me, the place you picked up your
copy of the doors of perception,
aside from the use of lowercase,
oh my head is on fire, printer’s
delight, what is this chaos,
black and white nipples, a soft
spot for tomboys, vortexting,
sexting, blood-jet printer,
faceshark, nymphita, still
publishing, lonely mail hearts
club, a bit of paper this
small is only good for one
thing, axe shampoo commercials,
silence cluster, you’ll never
get rid of the all, print it
gumside, dayglo brian,
existism, protoelectric,
balanchine, embayment,
sporozoans, schizogenesis,
blastogenesis, sarcode,
tunicates, a concrete sense
of belonging, spermatic
animalcules, annelid worms,
cœlenterates, graafian
follicles, saint eno,
concrete manifestations,
oogenesis, isogamy,

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