Wednesday, May 07, 2014


smear of shit on the page, when
is a stamp not a stamp, old man
winner, n’oublions pas, unmatch,
forest on, the kings of christ,
forgotten lions, unis, little
tyger, slow fun, textcatchers,
frantic cam, a charming asshole,
laff yer asphalt, faceshark,
nasum, meatworld, another
fucking ream of paper, purchase
a chat, breast fillet, nothing
to shake a stick at, paper cluster,
it’s one thing ‘til you cut it,
bonellia, gonochorism,
bidder’s organ, sexual
bipotentiality, uterus
masculinus, gärtner’s canal,
intersexuality, a sexually
retarded worker, soma, the
cloaca, gynandromorphism,
four hundred eggs, the males
are economically useless and
are killed off at times,
edriolydnus, palpating, the
battle of the sexes, bent
spur, pittenweem, tying up
precious underground
resources, batrachian,
amplexus, the obstetrical
toad, the oestrus cycle,

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