Friday, May 23, 2014


dating art, weizen, kawashima,
a leather tramp, rezz, taxomoney,
push poseballs, ruthy, ruth
from the block, chouchou, the
cutie hunters, crafting time,
down he goes, pickled okra, one
penny talk at a time, upbeat
jobs data, cluster of meat,
sixty-six cents, lolo, in english
please, hey hey hey you better
shut off the juice, give
us the picture first, ava
tatari, strap-on visual agents,
lonehead, the second self,
unconsumable self-images,
cyborg theory, self-regulating
artifact-organism, cyborg
is the human enhanced, a
tool of signification, the
wholesale appropriation of
the other, covert instruments
of multinational capitalism,
lex lonehead, one dollar: one
vote, transgendered activities,
we willingly sit for hours
motionless at the keyboard,
a disorder of impulse
control, internetomania,
the cult of docile bodies,
the reading body, the
writing body,

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