Monday, May 12, 2014


we could easily get rid of these
creases, conquero watermark, in
case you need some cash quick,
thought replacement technique,
promenthazine, blogger’s block,
agenesis, eliot in highgate
cemetery, corpus delectation,
even here in the high chaparral,
we don’t need this line twice,
we don’t need this line twice,
oh that world: the real one,
the world is all that is your
face, apo slash fpo, pharma-
blonde, pence de moy, joual,
the recognizable pseudonym,
lossophobia, the mirror self-
recognition test, c, meet
me on the corner of malbec
and atavan, destroying the
universe, a rubberstamp that
says: mindless rubberstamping,
convert the sinking ship to
a submarine : quick! ,
katabatic winds, a
rubberstamp that says:
intentionally left blank,
ungoogleable, reality
levels, non-destructive
testing, prefer the brown
acid, resun me,

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