Saturday, May 17, 2014


let her head, your chamber, always
a pleasure to discover, extrafolate,
marzena, what did you do with
your august, belly cut python,
fifty-fifty avenue, radome,
synthétiseur, embraer, the blog
is an entity unto itself,
communicative competence,
geronimo kimmosabe, fuck
thinking, a madonna in a
bathtub, blissfully doomed,
rezzable, oranges cream
cluster, loonies cluster, you
are paying for the void, ajahn,
the entire circular horizon,
the pleasure of queen anne,
concrete cash, bottomless
fragmentation, fluxus
theory, wrote the whole book
in a day, your word is, your
word is groceries, your word
is enigma, your word is
profile, your word is sparrow,
your word is steak, your
word is outskirts, pop culture
in the eye, you missed your
chance to look out the
window, valdor, without
phrase, a day or two of
flow, fa, i can’t seem to
i can’t seem to, telephone
money, re-thirty-seven,

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