Monday, May 19, 2014

"lac hébécourt"

hoodis, newcon, overdue internet
bill, ding ya a penny on the
dollar, they went to a black
t, they want you to think of
the interest as a regular
purchase, you didn’t even hit
the minimum, budget nothing,
sculpts or sculpties, the
spreadin’ outer, googleplexus,
lenoism, graffitibot, tov meod,
i was lying about not getting
any bills, two bit deposit,
cluster of pepper shakers,
demiglace, sludgehammer,
interfusional, the politics
of location, quaternitarian,
exophoric endophoric, i know
what i am referring to, are
you having fun doing this,
arbitrary end, soldier strike,
war strike, notworking,
leatherhead, koolatta
mondatta, doing easy,
gimme an enn, chext, cake
ba, lac hébécourt, la
capitation ça me concerne,
writing with a scalpel,
some of these texts mich,
cull texts, prep these texts,
the underlying text,
don’t know how these marks,

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