Saturday, May 24, 2014

"epistemological eidetics"

red dot, looking into the mouth
of a cockroach, note thread,
correctronic, well this poem is
great honey but would you
mind taking out the garbage?,
thumbs up for you too!, too
many e’s, too many a’s, the
pennies are all gone, the paper
dress, rosepills, mata, the
paleta man, bombpops, colony
collapse disorder, we are being
intervened for our political
content, buff for a tag,
coming from hope, buck a pop,
oranges xanax, cut to the
chase faulkner, concrete
presence, exposes in the
consequences of his humanity,
droit de cité, doctorat d’état,
rapporteur, epistemological
eidetics, the role of error
in the search for “truth” ,
brass hats for, orange fur,
couchetards, snot rocket,
jackalope, jack stones,
you’ll be sorry when friday
night rolls around and
you’re lonely, there is no
point publishing, all these
little bits will find a
home, fucking is a substitute,

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