Friday, May 09, 2014

"chresis aphrodision"

gaxiola, to form a more perfect
union, greenfield, you pick all
these images up with your eye,
please spare me the grubby paper,
sketch sketch sketchy, boulist,
sumi, oil city ontario, inukshuk,
xrumer five point zero palladium,
terrazzorized, a transgressionary
praxis, council tenancy, socio-
linguistics, the anal g-spot,
find videorecordings unbearably
boring, first person shooter
movies, plaster union, shred of
decency, vaage, cluster of
bay leaves, juvenile honey
girl, write a little poetry
on that scrap paper, aphrodisia,
a technique of self, the
formation of self, care for
the self, a historically
constituted experience,
the arts of existence,
chresis aphrodision, mind
hunt, la gloire, comment
on écrit histoire, the games
of truth and error, the
technique of life, the
technique of existence,
cheese the day, pay-what-
you-think restaurant,
small clay pots of moss,

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