Tuesday, May 13, 2014


lost cause célèbre, monotasker,
i need a hat, tindersticks, the
amen break, dub plates, zlug,
fly it like the freak flag,
community: that thing that got
ripped apart, mass produced poem,
the copy girl, one can’t be
bothered to play, goi, avon egg,
battered penny, orange sand,
conceptual art rubberstamp,
nobody responds, too much
conversation, you can see,
next week’s issue, rifle file,
the golden pencil, mango
orange, housedress eyes closed,
arrested for producing and
distributing illegal
pamphlets, scramble crossing,
the anti-fascist protection
border, nummer negen,
nunannguaq, inhibitory
control, superfreakonomics,
purell, concentrated on the
human experience, syrah
and grenache, comeuppance,
he remained outdoors
roaming the streets for an
entire year, cognitive
behaviour therapy, gravel-
and-honey, nothing ought
to be copied, tubaldetox,

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