Thursday, May 15, 2014

"mimetic rivalry"

signapore, unjumble, faceoffbook,
debolding, woman flesh, big head,
crazy inside, elderflower,
stubborn resistance toward
power, jailtalk, evite evet,
the last bud of the paridelles,
honey well, penche toi encore,
eloge de la fesse, butter
bananas, maybe try those other
butters, demo clause, feel
free to waste, genuine véritable,
post-holocaust poiesis, sublating,
a play in which nothing happens:
twice, the big kahuna, trance
pacific, lanais, superfuck,
eyes of blue painted blue,
areolae, potlatch poetry,
steppa, pastoral power,
veridiction, carolina rediviva,
the techniques of self, the
eternal white turtleneck,
bonze, white paper, latent
pétainism, the silence of
left-wing intellectuals,
meisen, imitatio christi,
mimetic rivalry, fréres
ennemis, repetition with
a difference, this-worldly,
tha, what do you plan to
do with this piece of paper,

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