Tuesday, May 20, 2014


iron juxtaposition, furrymud, the
new white nigger, bivouac, incept,
scuppernong claret, iron flame,
palm-sweated penny, the nooky seat,
that penny’s modicum, don’t you
think, b, dehierarchalization,
kraft vin, orange cara, departure
and departure, one is not an
assidu voyageur, i’m not really
sure if i’m where i’m supposed
to be, ming her, refuses to even
say bonjour, knocked me out and
stole my boots, we’ve got a bit
of a glitch here, one is not
meeting the moss quota, mouche,
achat, go for a ride, canadian
nickel bill, sph x, kalmia
angustifolia, bergeron, can we
get these references,
cladiopella fluitans, acting
on your behalf, we only hit
sixteen with a boost, five sands,
one needs a gizmo, it says
horsetails, wesukapup, continu,
depressa, black wheat,

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