Saturday, May 03, 2014


where were you when oscar
peterson died, kroshka,
omnivoracity, unknown zone,
consonant blends, fimmy, retro-
intense, raoul de paridelle,
the effects of sunlight falling
on raw concrete, flux shot,
peyoetry, scientific illuminism,
the pussy wagon, in your leisure,
merry death, chrstie, subpurple,
the dash-one, escaped his clutches
halfheartedly, the fog of
postmarital misjudgment,
cataplectic, blank perplexity,
the character of my experience
as a human, gelassenheit,
percocet, the weather
modification office, spivs,
sexual-identity disorder,
create heaven and earth,
al-qaedaism, starsuckers,
egyptomania, a cat-eared hat,
schnorrers, locomotor,
saskatchewannabe, fractal
lettertree, unadjuvanted,
the top quark, the truth
quark, the strange quark,
the origin of mass, the
higgs boson, cosmic dark
matter, the brain police,

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