Thursday, May 29, 2014

"wheatland pursuant"

driving from iowa city to akron,
dented penny, give away the
damaged one, production values
aside, beeding, just make sure
you have everything perfect
before you push the button,
visual literature, splac, the
good stuff gets buried under
crap, words? where’s the fuckin’
words?, ka-ching!, e-lemonade,
dicey with a cluster headache,
karenin’ , you didn’t really
expect it to take the ink
did you?, you didn’t do fuck
all! hello!, one hundred
carly, think nothing of a
forty dollar lunch, get
your money swiped, public
internet computer, what
does the hat mean to you?,
wheatland pursuant, bra
that converts into gas mask
wins nobel prize, can boreal,
adderall up, the mess left
by the texan, make plans
make plans make plans, if
you pay cash you get more
blank space, cluster of
quarters, adulant,

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