Monday, May 26, 2014


heart’s a penny, half-penny
heart, hearts a penny, penny
heart, sea urchin engine,
telecopy, propaganja, shadflyism,
ostie, moop, lilo, the boop, the
dirt room, bot herd, media
tactics, dollar forty-nine day,
barbara ann scott, burning
pennies, poppy seed cake with
plentiful butter, facial
controls, comps, electric
construction heater,
nipper-tipping, shura,
cours publics not cours
publiés, soûlographe,
plastered, k, tack ska du ha,
the medieval ritual of
title display, freemasons
recognizing each other,
freeze-mates, a patrician
street, a mathematical
contribution to the theory
of falling in love, this
text could be made into
a book, looking forward to
the blank, one line worth
saving, pixie pisskee, nuff
shit, loda,

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