Tuesday, May 06, 2014


strike from invisible, the tragedy
of bold play, saint ross, one
loves too much information,
zinio, nom de-script, wuming,
locked-in-dream syndrome, sleep
paralysis, somniphobia, a nice
fat book of lorem ipsum,
jettison the penny, polyphenols,
guerrilla giving, daw dsp,
egg macguffin, spell yogurt,
mustard cluster, the complete
backing, microvacations,
ventunesimo, testa puntita,
ziti, deuteragonist, total
revenge versus no revenge at
all, this supreme menace to
the will, sick revenge, the
mimesis of poiesis is catharsis,
never cut off a hummer, let’s
play candyland, the mountain
orange, polypheme, momo,
scrapple, even tho i was
reading out loud i wasn’t
paying any attention,
taqwacore, brewers blackbirds,
debus, kaposi’s sarcoma,
say no to size zero, starving
for control, nothing tastes
as good as skinny feels,
pro-anorexia websites,

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