Tuesday, May 27, 2014


it’s bright and colourful:
lunacy, six six seven: the
neighbour of the beast, i’m a
non-builder, katatonic,
bluehenge, kollywood, bpo,
first and second all at once,
dharmasala, luckyboards,
paper cement, bullcorn,
wordfist, offliners club,
cantanga, four dollars for
a green pepper, that’s a
small piece of paper, ellum,
philoprogenitive, broken hat,
among the moss little pale
flowers grew, bunraku,
sporn, struck by a van on
rue des ecoles, the carolina
rediviva, a cluster of
nothing, they aren’t making
stamps anymore, zero zero’s
involvement, peter doubt,
the rebooted version, blood
spattered on the text, the
event of meeting, social
praxis, predictive text,
concrete inversion of life,
tabling events, consumption
expecting headaches,
pretend it’s a maze,
just pick one phrase,

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