Thursday, May 08, 2014


fesse lover, add as foe, dock
ellis’ no hitter, the mastermind
of the idiocy, one is destroying
the universe, anxiety disorder,
population six million, nervine,
you are making most of your
financial transactions in
lindens, consuming is work,
navel lovin’, dionysian poiesis,
self-overcoming, mimetic
friendship, the blond beast,
re-memberance, flying into
love field, abnegation of
the will, a pessimism of the
strong, the spirit of seriousness,
re-member every moment, stay
thou art fair, gelassenheit,
releasement, rhuthmos,
mimetizes, self-diremption,
panta rhei, peuple de gauche,
is it important to think?,
a logic of the left, stubborn
resistance to power, chacun
cez soi, noninterference in
the affairs of sister
parties, libertarian left,
party machinery, the tenth
of may, varsovivre, fellow
travelers are, the caged-in
half of europe, junglee,

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