Friday, May 16, 2014


ross idlemind, augmentology,
snort the green dust, chase
the day, flip flop and fly,
held incommunicado in
solitary confinement, steel-
helix, injecting moon-dust,
active submission, nyxis,
patrafirelor, beixo, a data
firm, cuvinte, dar,
communicative competence,
if you’re paying for fourteen,
ten thousand pigs, things we
need for the future,
incapable of making decisions,
information impregnated in
the paper, zero call for art,
no more slocans, structure
wise, all fucked, nice lil
booklet that nobody wants,
turn the phone book into
visual poetry, can’t seen,
death zen, we need to have
the actual objects, cheap
rump, ass in a sling, flack
catcher, are you not proud
of this text, i am picking
up your language, we
it only says twenty when,
taking lunatics as your
models, the bill failed
to arrive, compy, mail job,

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