Wednesday, May 21, 2014


one seeks presence, decoration day,
temporised with, penny trickle, nickle-a-
minute, tells no tale, you bump everybody
else off the internet, the ping that
pings the pong, one has no need to
communicate with anyone, if i had a
scanner handy, places the mind, air
can, we really care about our
customers, quaudra, the war to
budge an inch, not to cure, paroisses,
the smell of my fart indicates
presence, gapping the phrase, generous
margins are for, laval, the staple
was holding the world together,
zero one but, another hand was at
work here, maybe a double fold,
how did the ink get removed,
phase-buk, workflower, slanglais,
net entities, gyves, to take the lie,
still mysteries, fake the fact,
tunis, your father’s birthday,
the rein contained, nothing will be
able to hold, material of
responsability, something that
still has unfoldability, we have
had these things unfolded,
pretending to be a furry thing,
paracommunication, copt-out, it
looks like a simple receipt but
it’s actually an artwork, ephemere,

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