Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"kate beckinsale thirty-six"

loada words, you are failing
to read the essential texts,
mbam, heteroclite agro, a
humanist sans-serif typeface,
trebuchets the war machines,
kate beckinsale thirty-six,
eleven fucking cents, why
don’t you let me take you away
from all this, cluster of light-
bulbs, crum west virginia,
a flat hat, puns a penny,
are you lovers? i lamp sand
cut!, homosexualization,
lost inside another mind,
materialist psychological
science, eulogistics, a
professional poet, glass-like
pellets, quinapril, warfarin,
porcine pulmonic valve,
chartpak, pot head pixies,
tulpa, baybeast, nibiru,
ceto, shibuya crossing,
remember that you must
die, skiffy, texts being
set free, rose priddle died
nineteen-sixty-four, not
much to chose between
ten years apart, laying
it down in blue ball
point, every net word,

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