Friday, May 02, 2014


how to instantly connect with
anyone, remind me again in
fourteen days, giving you a little
soft shoe, the almost-touch,
cyber spies, yestoday, spiderworts,
ibiquetoxicity, just say fuck
off to money, champfleury
cluster, author number one
seven four zero three four,
zenoa, cluster of pails, the
most thrilling thing that
can be done with a bit of
paper, orange donut shop,
chemical castration, hard
cover edition, existentialist
ethics, young girls roving the
streets at night, predatory
coquetry, schooled in violence,
our atlantic civilization,
if a woman has a home her
place is in it, genuine
existents, domestic science,
dead today, tota mulier
in utero, every concrete
human, an incidental
being, a supernumary
bone, the relative being,
altérité, varuna, mitsein,
a fundamental hostility
toward every other

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