Saturday, May 31, 2014


goodbye to all that, the bronkin’
buck, oosti, ain’t skeered, money
fluctuates, cotton web, you’ve
got your codes memorized, vmob,
penny talk, the only good beaver
is a dead beaver, canada is the
devil, the coupon the coupon, eye
ching cluster, hats unbleached,
hats not unbleached and not
hats, trampling my shadow’s
bones into the concrete, ego
dissolution, marxist psychology,
le tus, le vieil alt, thinking
off each other, hyper-generative,
the espresso book machine,
kanapism, you got your blank,
orange broadband, the muddle-
class, animaniacs, cloc, cangue,
almost went down, work stoppages,
you might want to consider a
little protection, she can’t lift
the lightest thing, nice little
thirty-two page booklet, we
want you to understand just
exactly how you are getting
screwed, spousal, reference
to i me or my, you ain’t worth
a penny, why are you avoiding
death, matagorda, we go thru
a lot of sausages, you can
see the polytrichum well,
we need to read all,

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