Monday, May 05, 2014


remember when nipples were taboo,
kookaluka, your life box, the
new word for the year is unfriend,
tulsi, cachamai, rubberstamper’s
elbow, a bound stack of paper
strips, actually don’t like to
see the poem, book of the one
poem, inventions poles, bananas
dressing, salad cluster, peel
and eat, this heart is not
broken: it’s deliberately cut,
the open kiss, hello vagina
dentata, she goes thru a lot
of time, er, twine, hohner,
plasdōpake, we need another
colour blast off this, this
is being directed, a cult
for old ladies, lack concrete
means, housework economic
condition, mitsein, a soft
spot for tomboys, man-the-
sovereign, woman-the-liege,
blessed be got, the concrete
events of conjugal life,
woman’s concrete situation,
an angel – neither man nor
woman, concrete opportunities,
en-soi, you only ever get
about a ten percent return
on love, mimetic escalation,
strategies of madness,

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